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1 in 5 Americans use smartwatch or smartband, says survey

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1 in 5 Americans use smartwatch or smartband, says survey

More than 20 percent of the US population regularly wears a smart watch or fitness bracelet, according to a Pew Research Center survey of 4,200 people in 2019, revealing public interest in wearable devices.

As with other digital technologies, wearables are strongly linked to economic factors, as 31% of users live in households with annual incomes over $ 75,000, while those earning $ 30,000 or less. per year represent 12%.

With regard to education, the pattern is similar, with higher education graduates adopting smart watches more than those who have studied through high school or below (27% of undergraduates versus 15% of upper secondary or undergraduates).

The smartwatch is a much sought after alternative to conventional watches. (Source: Pexels)

By age, most of those who wear smartwatch or smartband are in the range of 18 to 49 years (25%), but the number of users over 50 is also relevant (17%). The survey also revealed a greater presence of technology among women (25% against 18% of men) and among Hispanics (26% against 23% of blacks and 20% of whites).

Favorable majority for data sharing

Smart bracelets are capable of storing a range of data on users' physical activity, as well as some smartwatch models, information that can be used in different ways, including health monitoring.

The privacy policies of some smartwatch and other wearable apps include data sharing, which is already used by medical researchers in the United States.

Pew also wanted to know from those who have one of these devices what is the opinion regarding the sharing of information with third parties and the majority (41%) say they are in favor of the practice.

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