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1917 Blows Away Star Wars at the Box Office!

by ace
1917 Blows Away Star Wars at the Box Office!

1917 surprises Star Wars at the box office!

It turns out that a Golden Globe Award for Best Film Drama helps a lot, as Universal's drama in World War I of 1917 surprised the box office with an impressive $ 36.5 million weekend estimate! Expanding from 11 theaters to 3434, Sam Mendes's star-less film built its momentum in a campaign around its groundbreaking unique presentation and the caliber of cinema. That brings the 1917 domestic gross to $ 39.2 million and the world to $ 60.4 million, which should rise further if the momentum leads to an Oscar victory.

After three weeks at the top of the box office, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was finally dethroned, falling to second place with $ 15 million on a $ 478.1 million home screen and $ 989.5 million across the board. the world. Not that these numbers are anything to sneeze at, but at the same point in its domestic execution, Force Awakens received $ 812.7 million and The Last Jedi recorded $ 572.6 million.

Jumanji: Sony's next level dropped from second to third place with $ 14 million, totaling $ 257.1 million in the country and a worldwide sum of $ 671.1 million.

Paramount Pictures' comedy Like a Boss opened at # 4 or 5 in 3078 theaters, with an estimated $ 10 million flat. Miguel Arteta's film is headed by Tiffany Haddish, Rose Byrne and Salma Hayek and received a critique 21% positive feedback on Rotten Tomatoes.

Warner Bros.'s Just Mercy drama went from 4 theaters to 2,375, raising about $ 10 million for slot # 4 or 5, depending on the actual numbers. Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx star.

20th Century Fox's underwater delay sank with an estimated $ 7 million debut, combined with a lack of brightness 52% Critical Reaction to Rotten Tomatoes virtually guarantees a watery pit for the science fiction movie. It also marks a second consecutive failure for former Twilight star Kristen Stewart after Charlie's Angels went bankrupt in November.



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