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Alexander Payne Signs on to Helm Babette’s Feast Reimagining

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Alexander Payne Signs on to Helm Babette

Alexander Payne signs command of Babette's party by rethinking

After losing his Netflix project a few months ago, Alexander Payne (Downsizing) found a new movie in the form of a recreation of the 1988 Oscar-winning Danish movie Babette's Feast, in which he signed to direct Unique Resources. , according to Deadline.

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Adapted from the 1950 tale of the same name (read it On here) by Karen Blixen (writing as Isak Denisen, who also wrote the story that inspired Out of Africa), the original film is set in a small village in 19th-century Denmark, a city that Denisen described as a “children's toy town of little pieces of wood ”. The story focuses on two sisters who grew up here under the watchful eye of their father, a local pastor whose flock is almost a unique religion.

Despite the beauty and bulging eyes of suitors, the girls stay with their father until his death, have renounced aging with the people around them. The years pass until one day a knock comes to your door, on the other side is Babette (Stephane Audran), a French high who seeks refuge after fleeing the civil war that broke out in Paris. She offers her services as maid, maid, everything they need at no cost, just housing. They accept.

Babette becomes almost an extended member of the family and is accepted into the small village to the point that the two sisters can hardly imagine life without her. At this point, Babette falls into good luck, which is when she asks to repay the kindness of the sisters by having a feast to celebrate what would have been her father's hundredth birthday. Offering a true French banquet, the sisters reluctantly accept nervously what it can mean and you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn that you can't even predict how many layers of thematic depth a meal can offer in a movie.

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The new film, which is being scripted by Guy Branum (The Mindy Project), will be set in a religious community in the small town of Minnesota, where the two single sisters accept a refugee and are therefore forced to face their regrets over a meal. extraordinary

The Babette Festival will be produced by Unique Features, the banner founded by New Line founder Bob Shaye, alongside Jennifer Wachtell, Benni Korzen and Josi Konski.

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