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AMC Developing Series Adaptation of Jeff VanderMeer’s Novel Borne

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AMC Developing Series Adaptation of Jeff VanderMeer

AMC develops serial adaptation of Jeff VanderMeer's novel Post

Deadline brings to light that AMC Studios is in the process of developing a new adaptation of the Borne drama series, based on author Jeff VanderMeer's science fiction novel of the same name. The series will be produced by VanderMeer, who will also act as creative consultant.

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"I am very excited about this partnership and working with AMC in the Borne universe," VanderMeer said in a statement. "I have had productive, energizing and creative conversations with the wonderful people involved and I look forward to the way forward."

"The Borne Universe is a totally unique PI piece and Jeff has created a vivid post-apocalyptic world with a huge opportunity for a visual medium like television," said Ben Davis, executive vice president of programming at AMC Studios.

Currently, the new series consists of three books: Post, The strange bird and the most recent, Dead astronauts just released today. All three novels are set in a post-apocalyptic future and are taking place within the same mysterious and mind-blowing universe.

First published in 2017, Borne follows the story of a scavenger named Rachel, who lives in a ruined city of the future destroyed by an evil company. Her life changes when she suddenly discovers a strange creature she has decided to guard, despite her mate's warnings and her own reservations.

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In 2016, it was reported that Paramount Pictures, which had worked with VanderMeer on the 2018 Annihilation, also acquired the film rights to VanderMeer's novel Borne. However, after almost three years, there were no new announcements about the project.

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