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Black holes may contain ‘films’ of the history of the universe

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According to New Scientist magazine, the rings of light trapped in the orbit of the black hole Powehi, the first to have its image captured, can serve as a kind of historical record. Thus, the possible study in this field would be able to show a kind of “film” of the history of the universe, through different pictures stored in the phenomenon.

In recent academic work by scientists that address the theme, there is a suggestion that the sequence of photon rings, particles of light, may provide information about the origin of black holes. In addition, it would help to better understand its properties and even serve as evidence for Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

First captured image of a Black Hole called Powehi may reveal details about the universe’s past New Scientist / Reproduction

One such case is the work “Universal Interferometric Signatures of a Black Hole’s Photon Ring”, led by Michael Johnson, an astronomer at Harvard University. The author says that the rings leave the signature of a certain moment in the universe and offer accurate measurements of the mass and rotation of the black hole.

“The set of subparts of this element is similar to the frames of a film, and captures the history of the universe witnessed by the black hole”, says the study. Although analysis of the rings may reveal secrets about the phenomena, the researchers say there are limits to speculation.

Each ring is only six days older than the previous one, in addition to being quickly swallowed by the immense gravitational force of the black hole, making it difficult to observe ancient records. This means that “We are not going to see dinosaurs”, as Johnson pointed out to the academic journal.


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