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Bloober Team Announces Blair Witch Heading to PlayStation 4

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Bloober Team Announces Blair Witch Heading to PlayStation 4

Bloober Team announces Blair Witch on its way to PlayStation 4

The Bloober Team impressed fans earlier this year when they unveiled video game exploration of the cult cult classic horror film The Blair Witch Project and for those with just one PlayStation 4, excitement is back on track when the developer revealed that The horror game is coming. the console from Sony. The video of the console ad can be seen in the player below!

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The game is set in 1996 – three years before the 1999 movie. It begins when a boy disappears into the Black Hills Forest near Burkittsville, Maryland. Like Ellis, a former cop with a troubled past, you join the research. What begins as a common investigation soon turns into an endless nightmare as you face your fears and the Blair Witch, a mysterious force that haunts the forest.

Buy a copy of the movie that inspired the game here.

The horror franchise began with The Blair Witch Project of 1999, which chronicled three aspiring documentary filmmakers as they got lost in the woods and the forces of evil approached. The following year, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, which was a more conventional film a meta look at in its predecessor. Then in 2016, the horror movie The Woods was unveiled as another franchise sequel, also titled Blair Witch.

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The game received mixed and positive reviews at its August release, with accolades centered on its composition, music, atmosphere and graphics, while reviews were centered on its game designs and levels, technical issues, and rhythm issues.

From the creative minds behind critically acclaimed Layers of Fear, their darkest fears will be awakened through the digital purchase on PlayStation 4 on December 3 and will be physically released later.

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