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Cats: Movie has update patch for the first time in history

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Cats: Movie has update patch for the first time in history

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie Cats went through a new edition even after its US debut last Friday (20). A memo from the site reveals that the musical has undergone changes to enhance its visual effects at the request of director Tom Hooper, which would not have been completed in time. This is the first time a title ever released goes through this kind of “retouching” right after the big screen release.

As a result, Universal would have issued a statement to the movie networks informing them of the availability of the altered copy and directing its replacement as soon as possible. According to THR, the update has been offered via server since Sunday (22) or from physical version of the file from next Tuesday (24). Check out the movie trailer:

But the controversy surrounding Cats doesn't end there. That's because the movie based on the namesake musical is facing harsh negative criticism from both experts and viewers, due to its visual inconsistencies. On the Rotten Tomatoes platform, for example, the long bitter low notes and flood of comments pointing to it as “disappointing”.

The title had initially raised high expectations due to its star-studded cast, including Taylor Swift, Idris Elba, Jennifer Hudson, Ian Mackellen and Judi Dench, and Tom Hooper's weight, best director Oscar for King's Speech. , in 2010.

At a cost of $ 95 million, Cats will have the challenge of getting the same reasonable box office in the face of this reality. The production debuts on Christmas Wednesday in Brazil's movie theaters.

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