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ComingSoon’s 10 Best TV Shows of the Decade!

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Top 10 ComingSoon TV Shows of the Decade!

The past decade has been one of the most dignified in television history, producing dozens of hit series, from zombie drama The Walking Dead to the delightful series suspense Hannibal and the success of Rick and Morty. With the end of the decade, ComingSoon.net is reviewing the past decade with listings of the top 10 TV shows of the decade, with associate publisher Kylie Hemmert and staff writers Grant Hermanns and Maggie Dela Paz. Check out our listings and let us Tell us your thoughts and favorites in the comments below!

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Grant hermanns

ComingSoon’s 10 Best TV Shows of the Decade!

1) Rick and Morty – The animation genre has seen a lot of stellar appearances this decade, but none have been as monumental or influential as Rick Swe Morty of Adult Swim. Following the incumbent mad scientist grandfather and his grandson anxious in their various adventures, creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland – also the voice of the two characters – help move the series beyond the roots of the Back to the Future parody to present some hilarious and crazy hijinks alongside the smarter and often moving character developments seen on the small screen. With clues, foreshadows, and hidden Easter eggs, the series calls for a lot of laughter.

2) Atlanta – While Donald Glover has established himself as a talented comic with his leading and community role in music and his rap persona Childish Gambino, he has proven to the world that he is a complete talent for watching with his FX debut. The Atlanta series he created, starred, produced, and even directed a few episodes. Set in the stark city of Georgia as a difficult school dropout, he joins his rising rapper cousin to try to change his life, as does his ex-girlfriend and daughter. Glover offers phenomenal performance in the lead role, balancing his comedy with some introspective drama, but the writing ensures that the other lead characters have as much screen time and development as Glover's Earn and stellar Brian Tyree Henry's performances, Zazie Beetz, and Lakeith Stanfield help lift you to even greater hilarity and powerful heights. With five Emmys currently under its belt, though criminally not statuary with its supporting cast, the surreal drama is one of the decade's most hilarious, smart and ever-renewing series.

3) Westworld – Bringing a movie to the small screen is no easy task, with some suitable examples, including Fox's The Exorcist and Netflix's Dear White People, but undoubtedly one of the most successful efforts that goes beyond its origin. It's HBO's Westworld. Based on the 1973 film of the same name, the story takes place at the titular theme park, where guests find themselves in the most immersive recreation in the wild west, which contains human androids known as "hosts" that begin to interrupt their programming and their creators. Michael Crichton's film was found to be groundbreaking for presenting the idea of ​​computer viruses, and the series expands beyond its escapism plot to deliver some intriguing mysteries, two of the most shocking twists in television history – one of which is the most moving and unpredictable of all time – and the brilliant character development supported by strong cast performances.

4) The Haunting of Hill House – Mike Flanagan has proven himself to be one of the best contemporary horror directors thanks to Oculus and Ouija: Origin of Evil, but he blew the public mind in 2018 with the premiere of his adaptation to the Netflix series. . from Shirley Jackson's classic novel The Haunting of Hill House. Another loose adaptation of their source material, the story follows the Crane family as the adult brothers reflect on the traumatic experiences they had in the main house as children after one of their deaths. While Flanagan offers much of his trademark horror and masterfully hides Easter eggs throughout the series, ie, various spirits in almost every scene in the house, he also uses the extended run time of a series to give his characters a chance to breathe and become fascinating. subjects supported by great performances of its cast. Plus, behind Westworld, it contains one of the most exciting and shocking twists TV has ever seen.

5) Stranger Things – Netflix's horror and sci-fi science fiction series Stranger Things is one of the most amazing and exciting shows of the decade since its debut in 2016. It's set around a group of kids in a small Indiana City in the 1980s. Learn about a science experiment that threatens your small town and partner with a young woman who has the power to save everyone. Drawing on many of the tropes for all genres and subverting many of the themes while enjoying pleasure in others and wonderfully recreating their retro period, the Duffer Brothers have created one of the most entertaining, intriguing and exciting series to watch. . streaming service and television as a whole. Not to mention, the series has a stellar cast that saw Winona Ryder's triumphant return, as well as the long-awaited escape from David Harbor and the appropriate performances for Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown, Charlie Heaton, Maya Hawke and Natalia Dyer.

6) Key & Peele – Although Jordan Peele is impressing audiences with his work in the horror genre, this surprise comes from the general public's initial perception of him as one of the funniest minds in the world, alongside frequent comedy partner Keegan- Michael Key. In his hit comedy series from Central, Key & Peele. Following in the footsteps of their work on Mad TV, the duo's sketches series are one of the smartest and most easily quoted comedy hits around, with their creative minds inventing the hilarious recurring excerpts and characters of President Barack Obama and his translator. Anger Luther, the angry substitute teacher, Mr. Garvey, and the tall couple Meegan and André. The reason these two still often come together in comedy is because their chemistry, both in writing and performance, is arguably the best the genre has ever seen, continuing as they jumped to the big screen with hilarious Keanu and family success. Toy Story 4 and scoring two Emmy wins and 16 nominations.

7) BoJack Horseman – Any show that deals with trauma and depression sensitively and realistically is already a success in my book, but for BoJack Horseman to address these elements in the animation genre while satirizing the Hollywood entertainment industry in a world of Anthropomorphic humans and animals living side by side is an absolute wonder to behold. While some of their animations may not be something to write about, the show's world is not fully developed to feature real-life versions and celebrity animals, but it's the writing about their main characters that really makes this one of the most fascinating series to watch. . Exploring traumas, addictions, self-defeating behaviors, racism, sexuality and existentialism, the series is often entertaining thanks to its talented cast of Will Arnett, Alison Brie and Amy Sedaris, but it is also a clever and occasionally moving dive into humans. experience even through the eyes of your animal characters.

8) Louie – Personal controversy aside, Louis CK is one of the most talented minds in the comedy world and proves that he can translate this talent on television with the arrival of his Louie FX series in 2010, in which he wrote, directed, starred. and even edited the entire Series. Inspired by his life and following a semi-fictionalized version of himself as he navigates his life as a standing comic, single parent, and struggle in the world of dating, the show's loose narrative structure helped keep the door open for keep things new. all episodes, from direct hilarity to clever insight, which helped win CK and the series' numerous awards, including two Emmys. Although FX broke up with the comedian after he confessed to the charges against him in 2017, it should be noted the many ways in which this series opened new avenues for television and FX, including the first uncensored fuck on a network. non-premium cable and giving full creative control to the people involved, establishing an easier path for future hits such as Glover's Atlanta, several Ryan Murphy series, and Pamela Adlon's Better Things.

9) The Walking Dead – While the last two seasons may have been a definite disappointment for the show's longtime fans, there's no denying that Robert Kirkman's adaptation of The Walking Dead's AMC is still one of the most important series and thrilling from the past. decade. Set in a zombie-dominated post-apocalyptic world and following a group of survivors struggling to survive against uninfected walkers, the series has fared well over the years to offer much strong and compelling character development, in part because of its awesome cast and also lots of zombie killing action to satiate genre fans. In addition to helping to further establish AMC as a network to watch alongside Breaking Bad and Mad Men, The Walking Dead has revived interest in the zombie genre among audiences and the rest of Hollywood.

10) Hannibal – One of the most disappointing life series in history, Bryan Fuller had a daunting task of bringing Thomas Harris's Hannibal franchise to life on the small screen, and he made it look easy with the psychological horror thriller of NBC Acting as a modern day prequel for Harris' first novel in the series, Red Dragon, Hannibal follows the profile of the FBI Will …


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