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Compare PDF files – Install DiffPDF on Ubuntu and derivatives

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If you need to compare files in PDF format, install and use DiffPDF and the job will be much easier to do.

DiffPDF is a graphics application used to compare two files in PDF format. It is a simple utility to visually compare two PDF files.

Compare PDF files – Install DiffPDF on Ubuntu and derivatives

The program is especially useful when you have two very similar files and want to discover the small differences between them.

By default, text comparison is done on each pair of pages, but comparing the visual aspect of the pages is also supported (for example, if a diagram is changed or if it is a reformatted point). It is also possible to compare certain pages or ranges of pages.

The program shows pairs of pages from the two PDFs that are being compared with any highlighted differences.

Comparisons can be made based on text, regardless of layout, or based on appearance (which accounts for fonts, colors, layout, diagrams, images, etc.).

DiffPDF is useful for those who need to compare PDF files, reports, book and labels, such as archivists, engineers, journalists, packagers, editors, researchers, software testers and translators.


Because of this, the program is used in a wide variety of contexts, from book authors from banks, insurance companies and government.

How to install DiffPDF on Ubuntu and its derivatives to be able to compare PDF files

To install DiffPDF on Ubuntu and still be able to automatically receive future updates from it, you must do the following:

Step 1. Open a terminal (use the keys CTRL + ALT + T);
Step 2. Install the program using the command below:

sudo apt-get install diffpdf

Ready! Now, when you want to start the program, type diffpdf in Dash (or in a terminal, followed by the TAB key).

Uninstalling DiffPDF on Ubuntu and Derivatives

To uninstall DiffPDF on Ubuntu and its derivatives, do the following:

Step 1. Open a terminal;
Step 2. Uninstall the program, using the commands below;

sudo apt-get remove diffpdf –auto-remove

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