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Covid-19: what are the most effective treatments to date?

by ace

The new coronavirus pandemic has brought a new disease to the world. Covid-19 has proved extremely transmissible, contaminating more than 17 million people to date. The number of fatalities is approaching 700,000, while doctors and scientists are looking for a way to slow the spread of the disease.

As it is a new disease, there is no specific treatment to treat it. Doctors from different countries tested different drugs already known to minimize the effects caused by the new coronavirus. The World Health Organization (WHO) reinforces that the best way to treat the disease is to prevent it, through social distance and the use of masks and alcohol gel.

Some known drugs have been shown to be effective in calming the exaggerated immune response generated by the infection. Dexamethasone was the first drug with promising results analyzed in practice. A study of more than 2,000 people showed that the deaths of those on mechanical ventilation decreased by 33%. Patients with oxygenation, but without ventilation, had deaths reduced by 20%. “The study has shown that it is beneficial for those who are severely affected,” says Sheuli Porkess, of the British Pharmaceutical Industry Association.

Doctors use well-known remedies to treat the effects of covid-19 Pixabay

Another drug that seems to have good results is remdesivir, an antiviral used even to treat Ebola. The average recovery time for patients with covid-19 treated with remdesivir has decreased by 4 days, causing the United States government to buy virtually all of the world’s stockpile of the drug. The country is the most affected by the pandemic, with 4.5 million cases and more than 150 thousand deaths.

However, other studies on remdesivir have proved inconclusive. A study by Chinese covi-19 understanding bodies found no evidence that the drug is really effective. Gilead, responsible for the manufacture of the drug, says that the risk of death seems to decrease in patients severely affected by the infection, but that more rigorous tests are needed to determine the effectiveness of the treatment.

Blood plasma recovered from covid-19 has been used in some tests around the world, as they have antibodies to the new coronavirus. However, there are still no published results on the effects of this treatment. The use of the interferon beta protein, administered via inhaler, is also being tested, which reduced the patient’s chance of developing more severe symptoms of the disease by 79%. The research was done by the British company Synairgen, but with a small group of people, needing more clinical trials.


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