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CS Interview: Ben Schwartz on Sonic the Hedgehog Success, Possible Future

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CS Interview: Ben Schwartz on Sonic the Hedgehog Success, Possible Future

CS Interview: Ben Schwartz on Sonic the Hedgehog's success, possible future

Sonic the Hedgehog has reached the hearts of audiences and critics alike since it opened in theaters in February and just in time for the digital release, ComingSoon.net ran fast enough to chat with star Ben Schwartz again and discuss the film's success. possible future of the franchise.

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The film was originally scheduled to hit theaters last November, but after very negative public criticism of the iconic character's design, Paramount delayed its release to February 14, 2020, with the goal of redesigning Sonic to better adapt. to the look of the video. games and change worked, garnering positive reviews from critics and audiences, and grossing more than $ 306 million at the global box office with a production budget of $ 95 million.

Written by Patrick Casey (Golan the Insatiable), Josh Miller (Golan the Insatiable) and Oren Uziel (The Cloverfield Paradox), the film follows Tom Wachowski, a police officer from the rural town of Green Hills, who decides to help Sonic escape from prison. government wants to capture you. The film is directed by Jeff Fowler and executive produced by Tim Miller (Terminator: Dark Fate).

Sonic the Hedgehog's cast includes Jim Carrey (Kidding) as Sonic's rival, Doctor Robotnik / Eggman, James Marsden (Westworld) as Wachowski, a police officer who joins Sonic; Adam Pally (The Mindy Project) as Tom's fellow police officer, Tika Sumpter (Ride Along) and Natasha Rothwell (Wonder Woman 1984). Ben Schwartz (Parks and Rec) provides the voice for Sonic in the film.

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Schwartz considers the film's success with both critics and audiences: "crazy" and "exciting", both for fans of the long-running game franchise and for those who "never heard of Sonic" loving the film and feeling that he was worth the time he and the creative team spent, noting "we really care" and "we really love the property". The film originally debuted in theaters on February 14 and had already become a box office hit, becoming the highest grossing video game adaptation in the U.S. and Canada, before theaters closed worldwide due to problems with health and the studio choose to bring it to the cinema. early platforms.

"It is a strange feeling, because the film did not have a chance to come out in some countries, so they could not experience it in a movie theater," said Schwartz. "But for me and someone who, we're all at home, I love the idea that people can share this experience. I was getting some tweets, like, everyone wants to watch this now and now is the perfect time. So, I I love that Paramount did that and I found a way to put this whole DVD together as special, bonus feature options for that. They must have changed everything so quickly. But I love it because there are also people who are very fond of Sonic and who are happy to have this channel to be able to enjoy, and maybe they haven’t seen it in theaters or just want to watch it again. world has been in the house for quite a while now, and you know, the times are so weird. So, I'm happy that people who appreciate it can watch it. "

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The film's bonus features excluded scenes, including an alternative opening in which the audience is treated to a different and more emotional story between the titular hedgehog and his mother figure Longclaw and while Schwartz does not know the reason behind the opening of the film. being the chosen one, he reveals that there were several iterations considered for the beginning of the film.

"We did a lot of different VOs for the first half. I remember that the entire first half made so many different versions of the VOs," noted Schwartz. “I have to watch it again and see what they put there. I mean, I'm sure Jeff has a great answer for that. I know that, instead of starting with the story behind, they went for an action sequence. Jim and everyone, you kind of see everyone, what's in the movie now, and then we start to like the story behind it. I'm not sure why they did it. I'm not really sure which one is on the DVD, but I know we went through a lot of different VO, which is very exciting. "

When thinking about the possible future, Schwartz enthusiastically states that the only information he knows “is that they have not yet given the go-ahead” of a sequence, despite strong criticism from critics and large box office numbers, but that with the state stopped from Hollywood now, "makes perfect sense".

"But I love the idea of ​​it all," he explains. “I know that Tails is at the end of the film, nobody talked about what's going on, if there is a sequel, but I would love it if they kept Tails there. And like, how fun is it to have someone to play with? I like where the ending was leading to Robotnik, it's almost like watching Robotnik evolve. You see that big mustache and see it go a little crazy on your island. I love these things. So just following the two post-credit sequences was really, really fun for me. But man, the idea of ​​adding characters like Tails and whoever it is would be incredible. "

The 38-year-old comedian has noted several times that he is a huge fan of the game franchise, in addition to mentioning that he only devoted time to Sonic and Sonic 2 for Game Gear when he was a child, just as 2017 hit Sonic Mania and mentioned that his favorite levels were the Casino Night Zone of the original sequence and the original Green Zone.

"I feel that the level of the casino that I feel in two is so exciting and crazy, and I remember the first one, when I played this, I was a little impressed, especially the Green Zone," recalled Schwartz. "I also loved the soundtrack of the first one, but I remember where I was playing Sonic 2 and I repeat both games recently because I picked up one of these mini Genesis & # 39 ;, then I repeat 1 and 2 again. It's like remembering it as a child all those things are in your head. Like, my touch is now – I don't know if you've played the NES Ducktales game, but it's the moon level at Ducktales. That's my touch five years ago. "

The last time ComingSoon.net sat down with Schwartz, he revealed that he hadn’t played the Sonic Adventure games yet, and in our most recent conversation with him, he revealed that he hadn’t come to that yet and that, with our persistence, he can finally enter that world.

"People are telling me that I have to do this because I haven't played a game that Sonic talks about yet, so a lot of people are telling me that I have to go out there and play with him," said Schwartz. "I just don't have any devices to do that, unless I download an emulator. Ah, I have an Xbox, I'll check them out. I play a lot of video games, so I'm getting the most out of you."

Sonic the Hedgehog is scheduled to hit digital platforms on March 31 and in 4K UHD and Blu-ray on May 19!

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