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CS Recommends: Criterion Collection Sale, Plus TV Shows & More!

by ace

CS recommends: selling a collection of criteria, in addition to TV shows and more!

Stuck inside? Don’t know what to watch / read / play / listen to? ComingSoon.net has you covered. At CS Recommend this week, our team provides solid tips on the best media to consume during downtime, including The Criterion Collection and more! Check out our choices below!

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MAX EVRY RECOMMENDATION: The Criterion Collection 50% Off Sale

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Are you crazy about DVD and Blu-ray criteria like me? Well, then it’s that time of year again when Barnes & Noble launches most of the titles available on the label of beloved movie lovers at half the price! With some unique titles selling for over $ 40, it’s a great way to stock and save. Although I have a great relationship with Criterion through my weekly Blu-ray column, I don’t always get all the titles, so this time I stock up on Preston Sturges’ classic comedy The Lady Eve (which I never saw, though). being a huge fan of Sullivan’s Travels) and the classic POW movie The Great Escape. If you’ve never seen Great Escape, you’re missing out on one of the most fascinating and undeniably entertaining World War II films ever made, with an inspiring cast, including Steve McQueen, James Garner, Richard Attenborough, Charles Bronson and Donald. Pleasence and James Coburn.

RECOMMEND FROM KYLIE HEMMERT: Teen Wolf the complete series

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MTV’s Teen Wolf was a widely underestimated series outside the fan base that the supernatural teen comedy / drama program has won over the six seasons. Of course, sometimes CGI has not always hit the mark, and there may have been a moment or two of extravagance that doesn’t always match perfectly with the specific humor style of the show. The series never lost its heart, however, and featured some of the best characters, artists, heroes and villains you could ever ask for. Led by Tyler Posey, Teen Wolf is equal in parts fun, scary, goofy, touching, romantic, violent, hilarious and intelligent, while remaining completely grounded in themes of friendship and family. Bonus: Dylan O’Brien’s Stiles Stilinski is one of TV’s most memorable characters and has seen him grow over six seasons (and darken during a certain fan favorite arc, where he played Teen’s best villain Wolf of all time.) Is just icing on the cake.


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Although there are many higher horror films from the past decade, I would recommend it faster than that, sometimes a good old fashioned and scary house is what is needed for a fun movie night and with Thir13en Ghosts from 2001 just getting a collector special Blu-ray Edition from Shout! Factory, now is the ideal time to revisit this underrated gem. A remake of the 1960 William Castle classic, the story focuses on a widowed and impoverished university professor and his family who inherits a mansion from his adventurous uncle, only to discover that his uncle was a ghost hunter and that the mansion is full of violent spirits and you must find a way to let your family out in time. Its story is a simple configuration and a very faithful recreation of the original film and, although it is quite formulated, its production design and visual effects are hypnotic and amazing and its rhythm is pleasant and fast, contributing to a journey of absolute emotion. If those don’t float on his boat, he also has a demotivated Matthew Lillard and classified as a medium who is trapped inside the mansion with his family and helped his uncle capture the ghosts, and that should be his point of sale to check that. shoot with glorious Blu-ray quality.

MAGGIE DELA PAZ RECOMMENDATION: Hotel Del Luna (South Korean drama series)

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Directed by Oh Choong-hwan from a script written by the acclaimed duo of South Korean writers The Hong Sisters, Hotel Del Luna revolves around a mystical and supernatural hotel that only accepts wandering ghosts as guests, with staff attending to all their needs and helping them with their unfinished business before they can really pass on the afterlife. The hotel owner is headed by longtime owner Jang Man-wol, who is neither a ghost nor a human being and was forced to enter the hotel by the deity Mago due to his mysterious past. When it was finally time to hire a new general manager who will take care of the necessary human affairs for the hotel, Man-wol decided to collect a debt he had made years ago with a man who stole something from her by mistake. In exchange for her life and wealth, her only son must work for her after 20 years. That’s why the smart and capable Gu Chan-sung has no choice but to become the new general manager while trying to face the fear of ghosts.

Hotel Del Luna is a 16-episode fantasy drama series that was one of last year’s top-rated Korean dramas. I recommend this series because it offers a unique and charming story that will definitely attract viewers to each scene. In addition to its intriguing main story, each episode also features a parallel story centered in a different spirit, covering many different topics on social issues.

What I like most about this series is its visually impressive cinematography and high quality sets. K-Pop star Lee Ji-eun, better known as IU, once again proved his ability to act and successfully led another beloved drama with Hotel Del Luna. Through his character’s fierce personality and iconic wardrobe, IU will undoubtedly captivate viewers with his strong and memorable performance as Jang Man-wol.


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David Fincher Zodiac is a perfect film. Launched in 2007, the police drama about the search for the Zodiac killer arrived and left the cinemas without much fanfare and was completely ignored by the Academy in a truly disconcerting way. Which means that wonderful performances by Mark Ruffalo, Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey Jr. (exactly one year before he became Iron Man) were ignored, as well as the film’s surprising visual look and Fincher’s fabulous direction. And while the criminal drama lacks the visceral intensity of, say, Seven or Gone Girl, it functions as a hypnotic police thriller and a fascinating study of the nature of fear and obsession. Either way, the Zodiac serves as a quasi-prequel to the Netflix series by the Mindhunters Finchers, as the aim of the story is not to shock audiences with silly theaters, but rather to dazzle them with real life drama. involving living and breathing monsters.

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