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CuriosityStream: the 'Netflix' of scientific and technological content

by ace
CuriosityStream: the 'Netflix' of scientific and technological content

Do you want to dedicate the free time you have during quarantine to consume educational content, but find few options on conventional streaming platforms? Know that there is a service dedicated to this type of material. According to Futurism, the CuriosityStream is on offer for a limited time.

Thousands of documentaries and series can be found in your library. There is no regional restriction. History, physics, quantum mechanics, space and time travel, dinosaurs and microbiology are just some examples of themes made available to those who subscribe to the subscription.

Also according to Futurism, usually costing US $ 19.99 (about R $ 114, in direct conversion), the basic annual plan can be contracted for US $ 11.99 (more or less R $ 68) for a limited time . If you are interested, there is a 4K subscription, for US $ 41.99 (about R $ 240).

The promotional values, however, are not being displayed on the page, which shows only conventional prices, including those for monthly packages. To access the site, just click here.

Scientific content for all ages. CuriosityStream

Such a resource can be a great help in times of boredom and for those who want to complement their studies at home. There is even an entire section dedicated to children, and distracting the little ones with content that can make a difference in their development will also not be a big challenge.

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