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December 24 Through 31 Blu-ray, Digital and DVD Releases

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December 24 Through 31 Blu-ray, Digital and DVD Releases

December 24 to 31 releases on Blu-ray, Digital and DVD

Welcome to ComingSoon.net's December 24-31 Blu-ray, Digital HD and DVD column! We highlight this week's releases in detailed descriptions of different titles below! Click on each featured title to buy from Amazon!

New Blu-ray / DVD Movies

Ad astra
Astronaut Roy McBride (Brad Pitt) travels to the outer edges of the solar system to find his missing father and unravel a mystery that threatens the survival of our planet.

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Rambo: Last Blood
On a deadly journey of revenge, Rambo must face his past and uncover his relentless combat skills to take revenge on a final mission.

Renée Zellweger stars in this unforgettable portrait of showbiz legend Judy Garland.

The Hangman Act II
While pursuing her dreams of stardom, a teenage actress is drawn into the dark world of a malevolent spirit in this supernatural thriller by Blumhouse.

Adopt a road
Just out of a 21-year prison sentence, Russ finds an abandoned baby in a dumpster and soon realizes this could be his chance for redemption.

The kill team
When a young US soldier in Afghanistan witnesses other recruits killing civilians under the direction of a sadistic sergeant, he begins to fear that the men he is serving with might be the ones to kill him.

A workplace robot, AUTO, turns into a killing machine when it finds that it will be replaced by a more efficient model. AUTO fears that it will be terminated and will not stop for anything to prevent its own destruction. Human workers must come together to stop him before it is too late.

Gags The Clown
An unidentified man in Green Bay, WI, has drawn worldwide attention for walking the clown-clad streets. Many consider this a harmless joke, others are not so sure. When a group of friends meet the clown everyone calls Gags, their true intentions are revealed.

Twin flower (DVD)
In southern Italy, full of beauty and hidden dangers, two teenage girls, abused and damaged by life, Anna, whose father was murdered and Basim, an immigrant orphan, escape together for a fresh start.

Monochrome: Black White and Blue (DVD)
A revelation of social unrest and the struggle for freedom underscored by 300 years of music, from Haitian drum beats to blues and rap. This is the story of a journey told by the songs of life, asking the final question, "How far have we come?"


The Peanut Butter Solution
Peanut butter is the secret ingredient for magic potions made by two friendly ghosts. Eleven year old Michael loses all his hair when he gets scared and uses the potion to regain his hair.

The Thunder Titfield
This captivating Ealing comedy tells the story of the inhabitants of Titfield, who try to prove that their one-way railroad is the only form of transportation to the village.

Pimlico Passport
An unearthed document shows that part of a London district belongs to Burgundy, France, and people living in the area waste no time declaring themselves independent of Britain's post-WWII taxes, laws and restrictions!

New to Digital HD

Gemini man (exclusive excluded scene)
Will Smith is the protagonist of Oscar-winning director Ang Lee. The retired hitman (Smith) is forced to flee and is hunted by his final opponent – a younger clone of himself.

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Adventure Force 5 (exclusive clip)
When their tranquil seaside town is overrun by a mysterious threat, five kids – a gamer, comic book geek, inventor, skateboarder, and martial artist – must come together to retaliate using an arsenal of homemade gadgets – all inspired by Walmart's. . Adventure Force brand of real life toys.

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She is missing
When his best friend disappears in a rodeo, Heidi searches the desert, digging up secrets and finding the violence of life on the road.

The Addams Family
The macabre eccentric family moves to a dull suburb, where Addams's friendship with the daughter of a hostile, conformist local reality show exacerbates family conflict in this lively new adventure of the Addams Family.

Zombieland: Double Tap
Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little Rock move into the American heart as they face evolved zombies, fellow survivors, and the growing pains of the makeshift, annoying family 10 years after the apocalypse.

Malevolent: Lady of Evil
Malevolent and her goddaughter Aurora begin to question the complex family ties that bind them as they are pulled in different directions by impending nuptials, unexpected allies, and new dark forces at play.


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