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Devs Trailer Reveals New Look at FX-Hulu’s Upcoming Limited Series

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Devs Trailer Reveals New Look at FX-Hulu’s Upcoming Limited Series

Devs trailer reveals new look for upcoming FX-Hulu limited series

FX has released the first promotional trailer for the upcoming Devs science fiction series, highlighting a woman's determination to uncover the truth as she attempts to investigate Nick Offerman's incumbent division. Also starring Sonoya Mizuno, you can check out the Devs trailer on the player below!

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In Devs, a young computer engineer, Lily Chan (Mizuno), investigates her employer's secret development division, Amaya, a San Francisco-based cutting-edge technology company, which she believes lies behind the murder of her boyfriend. .

The series stars Sonoya Mizuno (Crazy Rich Asians), Nick Offerman (Fargo), Jin Ha (Jesus Christ Superstar Live), Zach Grenier (The Good Wife), Stephen McKinley Henderson (Ladybird), Cailee Spaeny (Bad Times at El Royale)) and Alison Pill (American Horror Story: Cult).

Offerman will play Forest, CEO of Amaya, whose obsession is the undercover work of the company's development division. Ha must play Jamie, a cyber security expert, and Lily's ex-boyfriend. Grenier is Kenton, a concise, dry and dangerous security chief from Amaya. Henderson will play Stewart, a cultured intellectual from another era and one of the leading technical minds working in Amaya's secret development division. Spaeny is Lyndon, a young, bright and stubborn employee who works in Amaya's secret development division. Finally, Pill will play Katie, a talented quantum physics chosen by Forest to be his second in command at Amaya.

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Alex Garland will be the executive producer of Devs, along with Andrew Macdonald and Allon Reich of DNA TV, Eli Bush and Scott Rudin, with whom he has partnered with acclaimed feature film Annihilation and Oscar Ex Machina winner.

The limited eight-episode series premiered on March 5 on FX and Hulu, followed by a new episode every subsequent week on the service. The series will be produced by FX Productions.

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