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Did the Halo Infinite we saw in 2018 run on the game engine?

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Did the 2018 teaser run on the game engine? In view of what was mentioned by 343 Industries and shown recently, the answer is a clear no!

With the recent presentation of the game scene of Halo Infinite, and the statements of 343 Industries present in the other news posted today, which refers to unfinished elements and by polis, we noticed some situations that lead us to question: Could it be that what was shown to us in 2018 was running on the game engine?

We will analyze some of the situations that were perceived to exist or are missing in this last presentation, and compare with the demo of 2018. And we will quote:

1. Absence of volumetric light and crepuscular rays (God rays).
2. Absence of ambient occlusion,
3. Low-resolution characters in characters.
4. Scenarios with low polygon count and basically squares.
5. Absence of shadows on NPCs.
6. Faded and low contrast colors.
7. Dead world, without trees or shaking grass, repetitive, and with vegetation not reacting to the passage of people and vehicles.
8. Variable resolution in various elements of the scenario.
9. Absence of Ray Tracing (which is claimed will be added a posteriori).

We could also point out other problems such as:

10. Inadequate sounds in Warthog – The sound should be that of a 4-wheel drive truck, as in the previous Halo, and not that of a Subaru Impreza.
11. Animation flaws – When Master Chief throws a grenade it does not appear in your hand while it is thrown.
12. Various bugs – For example, the Master Chief weapon appears reflected in the water as soon as it leaves the ship, and remains there.
13. Variable resolution in various elements of the scenario.
14. AI-managed enemies only stay in place when you shoot at them.
15. Pop in problems. (Something that may not exist on the console due to the Velocity Engine, as the demo apparently ran on a PC).

But these last points will not be mentioned because the idea is to compare what we saw in this last presentation with what was shown in 2018 and these last points are not comparable due to their absence.

Let’s see the video promoting the game, shown in 2018:

If they viewed it, they clearly perceive the following:

1. The volumetric light and the twilight rays are visible in the first seconds of the video.
2. Ambient Occlusion exists and is effective.
3. The textures appear to be of high resolution.
4. The scenarios are more varied, with the geometry not being square and the number of polygons being greater.
5. NPCs cast shadows over the world.
6. Colors are more vivid and varied (may have to do with the time of day).
7. Although it is not possible to confirm whether the trees are shaking, the grass moves in the wind. However, it does not appear to be affected by the presence of NPCs.
8. Fixed 4K.
9. Ray Tracing in the Master Chief helmet

In view of this, the conclusion seems to be clear. If 343 Industries reports that the build shown was only a few weeks old, and was without those effects implemented, what we saw in 2018 was not running in real time. It was a pre-rendered sample of a result that was intended to be achieved.

If not, how do you explain that in 2018 there were capacities that are not there now, including one, the RT, which in 2020 does not yet exist and will be added to the game a posteriori?


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