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Does Cyberpunk 2077 really come out to current generation consoles?

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What was shown … was at 1080p … with an image reconstructed by DLSS 2.0.

The new CD Projekt Red game is scheduled for PS4 and Xbox One. But if it will ever come out on these consoles it is another story.

It says who had the opportunity to play the game in an event that the game ran at 1080p with DLSS 2.0 active, and with only a few Ray Tracing effects active, on a PC with an RTX 2080 Ti

This means that 1080p was reconstructed, and that the actual resolution was less than 1080p. Ray tracing only existed in the shadows, ambient occlusion and indirect light.

DLSS 2.0 can work with resolutions as low as 540p, rebuilding to 1080p with a lot of quality. But this option is not available in current consoles, and IA methodologies for image reconstruction will only exist in the new generation of consoles (how efficiently it is something that is still unknown).

Ray Tracing reflexes did not exist, and activating them would further penalize performances. Even so, the game ran with breaks at 60 fps, and even reached 30 fps in some cases.

If the PC version is in this state and the fault is not of delayed development on this machine and low optimizations, then putting this on a PS4 and especially on an Xbox One is impossible. And if so, the game, sooner or later, will end up being announced only for the new generation… and even then hopefully there will be no downgrade of any kind.



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