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E.T. and Elliott Reunite for Xfinity Ad, Watch Now!

by ace
E.T. and Elliott Reunite for Xfinity Ad, Watch Now!

E.T. and Elliott get together for Xfinity Ad, watch now!

Comcast (parent company of Universal Pictures) has unveiled a new 4-minute Xfinity announcement titled A Holiday Reunion, which brings together E.T. and Elliott (Henry Thomas) for the first time in 37 years. Check out the short pseudo-sequel to the classic 1982 E. Extraterrestrial player below!

"The public will get everything they want from a sequel without the confusing pieces that can destroy the beauty of the original and the special place it has in people's minds and hearts," said Thomas. Deadline.

After 37 years, E.T. returns to visit his friend Elliott on vacation. During her stay, E.T. learns that Elliott now has a family of her own and that technology has completely changed on Earth since her last visit.

The announcement was directed by Lance Acord, director of photography for films such as Lost in Translation and Adaptation. Although it was not made with the direct participation of the original filmmaker Steven Spielberg, he blessed the announcement and acted as a consultant.

"Looking at the storyboards, I could see exactly why Steven really was behind it," said Thomas, "because the integrity of the story is not lost on this retelling."

What do you think of a vacation meeting? Do you honor the E.T. legacy? Let us know in the comments below!

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