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Final Fantasy XV world will be used in new mobile MMORPG

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Final Fantasy XV world will be used in new mobile MMORPG

Final Fantasy XV brought millions to Square Enix and brought back several franchise fans who had set it aside in previous games. The game was well explored by the company, which created a reduced version of it, as well as DLCs and Noctis' participation in other games. Now the company goes a step further by creating an FFXV-based mobile MMORPG.

According to the website Kotaku, Square Enix has teamed up with South Korean developer JSC Games and Chinese GAEA Mobile to develop a version of Final Fantasy XV as an online RPG for mobile devices. So far, the game is only called Final Fantasy XV Mobile and should take a long time to launch as it builds on Unreal Engine 4.

Source: Twitter @ FinalfantasyxvU / Playback

The game had already been mentioned earlier by the insider Daniel Ahmad on his Twitter, in December 2017, when it was still scheduled for release in 2019, only in China.

The new game would take place shortly after the adventure of Noctis and his companions began, in a parallel version of the world found in the game of PS4, Xbox One and PC. As such, it will bring new characters and situations, but with familiar locations for fans of the original adventure.

Final Fantasy XV Mobile is expected to be announced in 2020, with initial release in Asia.

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