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How to play 2048 on the Linux terminal

by ace
How to play 2048 on the Linux terminal

You want to spend the day relaxing? So how about a good, nostalgic game? Better how about playing 2048 on the Linux terminal? Are you curious? See below, how to do this.

2048 is a nostalgic game. Even though in the age of smartphones, terminal games have lost their glory (if they’ve ever had it), there are still many people who like this type of game.

How to play 2048 on the Linux terminal

OK! I know it’s a kind of game that’s kind of out of fashion, but of course, that’s no excuse not to try to play.

Also, this version of 2048 for the Linux terminal is so good, that you will surely be willing to give it a try, even if you think terminal is synonymous with work without fun.

If you don’t like games so much, but enjoy programming, take a look at the script, as it is a good example of this art.

Learn more about the game 2048

2048 is a reasoning game created in March 2014 by Italian developer Gabriele Cirulli. In it, the goal is to slide numbered pieces into a grid, combine them and create a tile with the number 2048.

That is, the idea of the game 2048 is very simple: join the blocks to form one worth 2048. However, it is not so easy to do this.

It is necessary to use reasoning to move the blocks in the best possible way and achieve the goal before you run out of moves. Use the arrow keys to move the blocks.

How to play 2048 on the Linux terminal

To install and play 2048 on the Linux terminal, do the following:

Step one. Open a terminal (in Unity use the CTRL + ALT + T keys);
Step two. Download the program with the command below. If the link is out of date, go to this page, download the latest version, and save it to your PC:

https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mydzor/bash2048/master/bash2048.sh wget

Step three. After downloading, make the script executable with the command below;

chmod +x bash2048.sh

Step four. Now, run the game with, calling the script;


Ready! Have fun and relax with this simple game, but be careful not to get addicted. 🙂

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