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Is the console war going down so low?

by ace

Is it not enough for capm campaigns to try to discredit PS5, Xbox fanboys already blatantly lie on Linkedin?

Before starting this article, I must say that the question above is rhetorical. Because looking back we have already seen a fake Linkedin profile of an alleged former Naughty Dog member referring to abandoning it to join The Initiative.

And that profile was unmasked by Naughty Dog, which made it known publicly that such a person had never worked for them.

In this sense, fake profiles on Linkedin are nothing new, and we may now be facing yet another case:

The story is told quickly.

Recently the following appeared on Linkedin (the key points are in orange)

In short, this man says he is one of the 9 founders of a company called Qlymax. That the 9 founders worked on more than 20 AAA games.

That the company’s first game is scheduled for the end of 2022, and will be an exclusive Xbox X Series.

That the company’s engine, the Q-Max is almost complete, which was written from scratch to use the power of new generation consoles. That the engine is an all-in-one, with support for graphics, sound, including dynamic hydrodynamic and thermodynamic engines, AI and more.

And that the game they are making has the biggest budget in the history of video games.

Now this news is heavy … worthy of appearing in all the headlines. Microsoft is subsidizing an exclusive game that will be the biggest budget game in history, that is, beats Destiny’s 500 million. This is big news!

But entering LinkedIn, doubts arise!

The company, Qlymax, is said to have been created in January 2020, that is to say about six months ago. An independent company!

Now with a company founded 6 months ago, how is the engine about to be finished? Did they make a complete proprietary engine in 6 months?

And if the engine is not finished (is almost), are you already developing a game with it? Now if an engine normally takes 2 to 3 years to develop, an AAA game takes 3 to 5 years. And yet everything will be ready by the end of 2022, with the company being created in 2020?

This is all very strange!

It is even stranger when the person concerned has only one recommendation, and the person who recommends it has only one connection … Kenneth himself!

Naturally, this news led to the search for the name Kenneth Jackson on the internet. After all, he says he is part of a group that has worked in AAA games, but so far no one has been able to find references to this man anywhere!

Even the company has no reference anywhere! For Google it doesn’t exist! And yet they claim to be working with a budget of more than 500 million, for an unprecedented IP in the format of video games.

Of the two, either we are here in front of a highly secretive and capable studio, with a high financial capacity, which obtained support from Microsoft to create an unprecedented ip in the format of video games, or before “astroturfing” of the highest level… Whatever the case, he is guaranteed to have the unpublished word associated.


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