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John Cho Still Hasn’t Spoken to Cowboy Bebop’s Original Director

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John Cho Still Hasn’t Spoken to Cowboy Bebop’s Original Director

John Cho has not spoken to the original director of Cowboy Bebop

There's a lot going on in the next episode of Netflix Cowboy Bepop Series After all, their source material is widely considered one of the best anime series of all time. And because live action anime adaptations don't have exactly the best track record, fans desperately expect producers to do it justice. Some may argue that this would require communication with the original program director, Shinichirō Watanabe. But, according to John Cho, this has not happened yet.

Cho, who will lead the new series as Spike Spiegel, recently spoke with IGN to discuss your work in The grudge. Eventually, the subject of Cowboy Bebop has been addressed. And when asked if he received advice from Watanabe on the direction of the program, he revealed that they "did not communicate." Regardless, Cho played what attracted him to the series in the first place.

"It's a unique piece of material," said Cho. "It has a unique vibe, with so many disparate elements coming together in one project. I think that was the big thing that I focused on all the time:" We need to keep the weird things. to do, but I noticed some of the things and I'm really happy with that. ”

Cho also shared that one of his favorite moments from the original anime was when Faye confronted Gren in the shower in "Jupiter Jazz (Part 1)", only to find out that he is a hermaphrodite. In addition, he expressed his fondness for "Speak Like A Child", which memorized an eight-minute poll by a Betamax player.

Netflix Live Action Update from Cowboy Bebop started production in October. Unfortunately, Cho sustained a knee injury during his first week on set, which delayed filming by at least six months.

Do you think that Cowboy BebopShould the cast and crew still look to Shinichirō Watanabe for their contributions? Let us know in the comments section below!

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