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Link Heads to Super Mario Maker 2 in New Update!

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Link Heads to Super Mario Maker 2 in New Update!

Link heads for Super Mario Maker 2 in new update!

Nintendo premiered a video announcing updates to Super Mario Maker 2, with the most exciting addition being a Master Sword power-up that allows players to switch from the iconic plumber to the hero of The Legend of Zelda Link! The video showing all the updates can be seen on the player below!

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Ver. Update 2.0.0 will allow Link and Master Sword to be available exclusively at 8-bit Super Mario Bros levels, and Mario becomes a hero and adopts new moves, including sword attack, arrow shooting and bomb drop. . After seeing the characters of Mario, Piranha Plants and Goombas cross over to The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Nintendo is paving the way for the game-creation title when Link reaches the platform title. .

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With his arrows, Link can fire distant switches that Mario would not be able to reach, with his downward movement with the sword defeating protected enemies, including the spiked Spinies. Link's bombs also allow some walls that would normally be impassable by Mario and friends to explode and clear a new path.

In addition to Link, the new update includes additions like Dash Block, which gives Mario a big burst of speed when stepped on in Super Mario 3D World style; frozen coins, which can only be released if melted by fireballs or other elements of fire; P blocks, which will provide a switch that transforms blocks into rigid platforms for a temporary time, or vice versa. The new update also includes the classic enemies Spike and Pokey.

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The update also adds a new mode called Ninji Speedruns, which allows players to tackle a timed challenge on courses designed by Nintendo exclusively for the mode. The ghosts of other players run alongside the players as they compete against rivals around the world and offer players ways to gradually improve their performance. Each speedrun event lasts about a week, with new courses distributed periodically.

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