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MediaTek Announces New Dimensity 800 Processor

by ace
MediaTek Announces New Dimensity 800 Processor

A month after the launch of Dimensity 1000, its flagship processor with 5G support, MediaTek announced the Dimensity 800, a mid-range model. As in the previous case, this new model hits the market to replace the high performance Helio lines.

The processor is expected to compete with Qualcomm's Huawei Kirin 800 and Snapdragon 7xx lines – chipsets that promise to shake up the mobile hardware market by 2020. Dimensity 800 will be structurally similar to Dimensity 1000 in order to reduce production costs.

There will also be support for 5G networks, due to the Helio M70 5G chip integrated in the processor, there is no need to add a 5G modem, something necessary for using these networks with Snapdragon 865. Both models are MediaTek's main bet for the smartphone market by 2020.

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