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Microsoft forces Edge to install Windows updates.

by ace

Don’t you install Edge? So wait until you update the windows, and we’ll force it… Worse, we won’t even give you a chance to say you don’t want it. That’s how Microsoft is working.

Microsoft has never been able to impose its browser. The reason is that not only was he bad, but Microsoft has already shown that, having dominated the market, it is beginning to impose its proprietary standards that no one wants. And so, these reasons add up to many others to justify the reluctance to join Microsoft’s browsers.

Microsoft recently chose to use the Chrome code … failing to create a superior browser, decided to use Google’s free code, and create its EDGE.

But even so, with a quality browser that even stands out a little more than Chrome, Microsoft is unable to impose Edge. Because as mentioned there are other reasons for non-adherence.

That is why, at a time when more and more freedom of choice is a desire of users, Microsoft uses its abusive and dictating tactics to impose its Browser.

Like? Installing it together with a Windows update, and not even giving users the chance to reject its installation.

In this update (whose version is not mentioned), Microsoft reaches the lowest levels to which it has already fallen, showing that all the measures it has taken to force systems to stay up to date in reality serve to impose what the company considers relevant. And this is confirmed by the fact that Edge is also being imposed on Windows 7 updates, a system for which updates had already been canceled, but which, gracefully, is entitled to one to force this installation.

Basically, after the update, when starting Windows, we receive a window to force the installation of EDGE. And in that window, not only do we not have the icons to close it, ALT + F4 is disabled. Basically nothing can be done but accept the installation.

After installation, users are pressured to abandon Chrome, shortcuts are placed on the desktop and on the taskbar, and when a link is clicked, it ignores the browser preference, asking again if the user wants to install Edge, trying to beat the user by fatigue.

To top it all up, Edge can no longer be uninstalled, even if it’s never used!

This kind of attitude is unacceptable, and shows the reality of Microsoft. It is a company that strives for standards, that captivates as much as it can to try to arrest users, but does not show any respect for them, and that has shown it a few times. It is also sad that in the books and texts on bad practices and dishonest market practices the name of Microsoft appears so many times as an example.


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