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Mystery Science Theater 3000 Cancelled By Netflix

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Mystery Science Theater 3000 Cancelled By Netflix

Mystery Science Theater 3000 canceled by Netflix

It's been a way up and down for the favorite cult comedy series Mystery Science Theater 3000, and after finding a new home on Netflix in 2017, after a break of almost 20 years, the series will continue to stand by as the service of chosen streaming to cancel it, according to star Jonah Ray.

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So Netflix decided not to do another season of MST3K. Let's get off at Lilyhammer while OA helps us take it one day at a time. We will be in group therapy with Tuca & Bertie, Jessica Jones and Lady Dynamite. The sessions will be performed by the Gypsy segment (with Naomi Watts.) pic.twitter.com/ZONkUxUlFb

– JONAH RAY RODRIGUES (@jonahray) November 26, 2019

Beginning in 1988, the program's premise followed primarily a human test subject when they are arrested aboard the Satellite of Love probe by mad scientists and their henchmen (collectively called "The Mads") and are forced to attend a bad movie series in order to find one that will drive the test subject insane. In order to maintain his sanity, the first guy, Joel (Joel Hodgson), built a series of sensitive robots from shipboard parts, including Tom Servant, Crow T. Robot, Gypsy and Cambot, the silent recorder of the experiments. .

Crow and Servant avoid going crazy beside the human subject, often commenting and scratching the film, a process known as "riffing" at regular intervals throughout the film. The episodes have gained popularity in the years since their inception, receiving theatrical releases and new specials on Comedy Central and Netflix.

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The news of the cancellation comes a few days before the Turkey Day Marathon, through a partnership with Shout! Factory, which will feature some handpicked episodes by creator Joel Hodgson, which will start on Thursday, November 28 at noon EST.


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