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PS5 is unable to run Orphan of the Machine at 120 fps. It will be?

by ace

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As with all PCManias articles, there are always first introductory lines, but in this article it could be limited to a single word: LOL

I will be very sincere … the world is toxic, and this is revolting. I can’t understand the campaign that currently exists against PS5, and much of it can only be explained with the definition of Astroturfing.

Astroturfing is a practice where, through hidden sponsorships, you can find a message from an organization. The idea is to appear that the thing is spontaneous and originated from those who refer it, but with the intention of giving credibility to the organization that, in a masked way sponsors the thing.

The term astroturf arises from a synthetic grass brand, basically something fake, which is meant to look real.

The Dev in question does not speak with your name, but with that of your company, Dynamic Voltagem Games, implying that it is a team of a single person or, at least, a very small team.

The first time we heard about this team was right after the presentation of the PS5, where this same man appeared on Twitter sending messages about the console and saying that his SSD would limit the CPU tremendously (apparently he did not see the presentation), and that I would make a video explaining why.

A video that has never been put online until today (apparently you will have seen the presentation in the meantime 😉)

Now this gentleman has come to say that his game, Orphan of the machine, after all it will not be exclusive to Xbox, but that it will come out on PlayStation too. The point is that on PS5 the game will run at 60 fps, while on Xbox X series the game will run at 120 fps.

Before we start talking about this subject, I will leave you with a video of the video game in question: Orphan of the Machine, a game announced as exclusive to Xbox, running at 120 fps, and which has now just been announced for PS5, and where the programmer says that the console is unable to reach 120 fps.


As the saying goes, for a good connoisseur, half a word is enough, and this article for those would end here. There will certainly already be many people with stomach pains from laughing so hard.

As you can see, this game has serious similarities to a popular title from the past, Ecco the Dolphin, whose video I leave below:

There are certainly differences between the two games … But it should be noted that the top one is running on a 12 Tflops machine with a Zen 2 CPU, 16 GB of RAM, and the latest technologies.

The bottom one is running on a Sega Genesis console. A 16-bit machine with a processing capacity that nowadays would not even equip a calculated graph. We are talking about something below 0.1 Mflops, and still running at 60 fps.

Incidentally Dreamcast, with just over 1 Mflop, did this, also at 60 fps:

But this dev, Dynamic Voltage Games, says that his game can’t run at 120 fps on PS5. Why?

Now let’s see.

Is this a game that uses the 12.15 Tflops?


Is this a game that uses 10.28 Tflops?


Does this game use even 5 Tflops?


This game on a graphic level is nothing that couldn’t be done on a PS4 or Xbox One. Eventually not at 60 or 120 fps, but it could be done there.

It is a game with reduced 3D with 2D camera movements, with slow and smooth movements, not using Ray Tracing or any innovative technique.

So the question was asked: Why doesn’t the game run at 120 fps on PS5?

And the answer given by this dev was that people should complain to Sony, because the blame had to do with the way it conceived the PS5.

Now we had noticed a long time ago that this man likes to try to throw the PS5 down, but let’s be very clear here: There is nothing in this game that pulls the Xbox X series to the maximum. Just as there is nothing in this game that pulls the PS5 to the maximum.

In fact, there is a big difference between the two consoles. The higher clock speed of the PS5 will allow frames to be finished earlier. Therefore, 120 fps should be easier to obtain than in the X series.

But this man says that the PS5 doesn’t get 120 fps in his game. And that was the fault of Sony and the design of the console.

Or rather … It said. For little by little this gentleman was softening the words. Notice how after a while the conversation was different and the blame started to fall on the used engine, the Unity.

PS5 is a little tricky because of how they designed the hardware. You can pretty much design the way you always have, but right now we’re a little limited to what we can and can’t do with Unity. Some functionality remains to be implemented.

– Dynamic Voltage Games (@dynamic_voltage) July 21, 2020

And the thing continued to soften… Until not only is it recognized that Unity is to blame, but the initial tweet that blamed Sony and PS5… It was deleted! Because now 120 fps will eventually be possible.

Also, I develop in Unity. I don’t have access to the full gamut of PS5 features (such as offloading audio onto another CPU) just yet. Maybe 120fps will be possible down the road – but as of now it’s not. Propriety engines are going to run a lot better than Unity. It’s a bit slow.

– Dynamic Voltage Games (@dynamic_voltage) July 21, 2020

The question I ask in the face of this last answer is: What the hell does this man want to pass the audio to another processor for?

Here we see two hypotheses:

1 – The game is super poorly optimized and only uses a CPU core that is super saturated (unlikely because the game runs on Jaguar)

2 – This man came across a PS5 power profile, and since he never spent time on the console, just taking his code and putting it there, the problem came up.

Looking back, we saw an interview by Mark Cerny to Eurogamer, where he was asked about some complaints from programmers who said that PS5 cut performance on the CPU and GPU. Mark explained that this is due to energy profiles that are active when code realized for the Jaguar CPU is detected.

And here what we have can be just that. This gentleman, having a launch game, programmed this game for the Xbox One, and then compiled it in the X Series, where he reached 120 fps without problems.

On PS5, this simple recompilation is not enough. And certainly that was just what this gentleman did, the game activated an energy profile by detecting Jaguar code and blocked the CPU’s performance, limiting it to 60 fps. Hence, this gentleman, not wanting to spend time changing his code, wanted Unity to dump tasks, in this case the audio in other cores.

Or does anyone want to believe that a machine capable of running the Unreal 5 demo at 30 fps, the GT 7 with Ray Tracing at 60 fps, the Dirt 5 at 120 fps, cannot run this little game at 120 fps?

Because if that happens, if this programmer is not competent to do what others do, why the hell should we take him as competent to give an opinion on the console.

We believe that at a crucial stage in realizing what the consoles are really worth, too much attention is given to these garage programmers. But of course, only those are receptive to this type of astroturfing.

Then there are those who say that here at PCManias we only defend PS5. Now point out groups organized in Discord who invent false news about Xbox. Point out false profiles on Linkedin to imply that the PS5 has hired members of Microsoft teams, or has the game with the highest budget ever to be developed. And finally, point out devs who come to say that Xbox is not able to do something that we all immediately perceive it should be doing.


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