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Resident Evil 3 Remake Has New Details Revealed

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Resident Evil 3 Remake Has New Details Revealed

The announcement of the remake of Resident Evil 3 made many fans happy, but also suspicious of the possible changes Capcom could make in the game. Now, the Japanese company has revealed how different the new version will be from the original game.

Capcom had already confirmed that the remake would not be an exact copy of the original and, in a report by Official PlayStation Magazine UK, the developer revealed how sensitive the differences will be. Spoiler: There is nothing absurd about the new version, although the company seems to have changed RE3's remake more than RE2's.

Source: Capcom / Press Release

The changes can be listed as follows:

  • Raccoon City will not be an exploitable map like in an open world game, but there will be times when the player can explore the city;
  • The sound of the game is very important and will play a decisive role in your survival;
  • The new Nemesis has improved Tyrant-based artificial intelligence from the Resident Evil 2 remake, making it closer to the other villain. Capcom created a life-size Nemesis so it could be scanned and look more realistic in the game;

Resident Evil 3 Remake Has New Details RevealedSource: Capcom / Press Release

  • Mercenaries mode has been cut from the game;
  • Mutant worms will be back in the game;
  • Carlos will be a playable character;
  • Unlike the original game, there will be no alternate endings or times when your choices change the story.
  • Of all the new elements, the lack of alternate endings and Mercenaries mode seem the most sensitive changes of the remake. Resident Evil 3 Remake to be released on April 3 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC

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