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Revealed photos show that the PS5 side panels are removable and …

by ace

Revealed photos show that the PS5 side panels are removable and customizable. – PCManias.com

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A huge set of photos shows what appear to be the PS5 side panels, revealing the possibility that they are removable and customizable.

A customizable console is a novelty. Removable panels would create an enormous customization capacity for the PS5, which would make it a new product in this market. Basically each person could create a unique PS5 that would be exclusively their own, or choose some panels from the existing ones according to their tastes.

The rumor that the PS5 side panels are removable arises from a phrase from Sony that states that the console will have unprecedented levels of customization, but without having gone into great detail afterwards. And this now seems to be confirmed according to the photos that we will put:

Of course the images can be fake or just a joke, but the fact is that removable and customizable panels are something fantastic, which make the PS5 even more desirable.

Note that the controller may have the same philosophy, as these images seem to show:

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