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Season two of The Witcher is expected to begin filming soon

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Season two of The Witcher is expected to begin filming soon

Despite the Pandemic, the resumption of normality leads to the thought of returning to film for The Witcher.

Although cinema is not our area, it is customary to approach the same whenever it interferes or is related to video games. And The Witcher is thus a special case because it is not only based on a video game, but also on a hugely successful video game,

Filming and production of the second season of the Netflix series, The Witcher, could begin soon. This is due to the resumption of the work of the UK studios responsible for its creation.

The studio in question, called Arborfield Studios was one of the first to close doors in response to the new virus. But right now it’s getting ready to reopen in the next few weeks.

Bob Terry, director of the studio, confirmed that the studio is preparing to open with a nodo set of security protocols imposed by the government for film and television productions and that include various rules of physical distancing, safety training and temperature tests.

basically this may allow the filming to resume, but it remains to be known to what extent they may be affected, which may justify the fact that Netflix has not yet ruled on the resumption of filming.

The first season of The Witcher was a success, and the nearly year-long delay to the second is something that has already left fans dissatisfied, but that may yet prove to be something bigger due to the corona virus. Let us hope that it will be possible to resume, and that, even if with greater use of special effects, the series can appear on our screens as soon as possible.


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