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Some brilliant details from The last of us 2

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The last two of us is a fabulous game, and endowed with a host of fantastic details. Here are some you may find:

Above all, this second game tries to give life to the world. The characters are not just robots as in all games, but now try to show that they have a family, life, feelings, etc. In fact, whoever has played it and finished it, knows that this second game revolves around that, in the consequences of acts in a world that tries to pour out the robotic characters of video games.

In this sense, the NPCs to have a name, and when a friend sees the killing, shouts by name. see:

Some of the NPCs own dogs, and show extreme friendship with the animals, who sometimes even call them by name. And when something happens to the dog, they react!

NPCs there after the two sides. And dogs too! The characters create friendships with humans and dogs, and everything in order to create a sense of guilt when killing someone.

The zones of interest are marked on the map. But how to know when already did everything he had to make a visit to one of these sites? well, not only does Ellie refer to it verbally with a phrase like “There is nothing more to do here”, but she marks the place as finished on the map, with a risk on it.

The world is full of items that remind them of what is past for them. And although much of the content as BD and others are costumed, here is a real good poster, and an album in which there is music Future Days we hear sometimes in the game.

Ellie plays guitar … and put your hands correctly in accordance with the chords you can then play with a slide of the finger on the touch pad. What they may not know is that in practice sessions it is possible to play real music, as long as the chords are known.

In one of the scenes where Ellie attacks a WLF member, she is playing a console … nothing more, nothing less than one … PS VITA! And the game in question? The iconic sound Hotline Miami. To note that this is not the only time that the game is concerned. When Abby and Manny arrive at the base, look for this NPC, Witney, and have a conversation where she discusses the game Hotline Miami.

But PSVita is not the only console in the game. There is a console in Ellie’s room … nothing less, nothing less … a PS3 fat!

Uncharted is also entitled to an Easter Egg … On the bench, in one of the boxes, Sir Francis Drake’s ring is found. SIC PARVIS MAGNA

And within these homages to other games about a precursor orb of Jak and Daxter?

But there is a further reference to other games of Naughty Dog. The arcade Jak X: Combat Racing

Turning to the issue of the bank, Ellie and Dina have a conversation about a movie. Nothing more, nothing less than Point Break of 1992, with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze.

References movies are repeated in Science and History Museum of Wyoming. This time in relation to Jurassic Park.

In one scene, Ellie and Dina discover a collection of pornographic films. And there is a play on the name of one of the films:

There is a character in the game that perhaps few recognized. Gustavo Santaolalla, the composer of the themes of The last of us.

Opening the safes does not require codes… just be aware of the sound of the clicks. There is a different sound when the correct number is entered in the correct location.

And speaking in code, the 0451 code is used in one of the safes. This code may not say much to most people, but it has become a joke in the gamer community. It was first used in the original game Deus Ex, and since then several games have been using. We can cite for example Alien: Isolation, Bioshock 1, Bioshock 2, Bioshock Infinite, Gone Home, Dishonored 2, Prey and many others. Now Tlou 2 joins the list!

There is a reference to the book City of Thieves, one of the books that inspired the whole Tlou universe, as reported by Druckman.

The events that led to the destruction of society gave to September 26, 2013

And all the calendars of the game, are with us this year, and this month.

There are figures of Space Marine Warhammer 404, within the game.

There is a reference to the wooden pallets that in the first game were used to transport Ellie.

As you recall, in the first game Ellie did not know how to swim. And Joel wooden pallets used for the transport. Now a visit to the museum there is a palette of wood and when Ellie approaches he asks Joel does not want to give you a ride, to which Joel replied that those days have passed. It is now Ellie learned to swim!

Druckman makes a reference to himself in the taxable letters. It’s Dr. Uckman.

Played without fear and without the will to shelter constantly, this game brings us brilliant moments:

We need this type of gameplay & combat in multiplayer online! 😍🙏 # TLOU2 #TheLastofUsPartII pic.twitter.com/iUka8dvOuG

– OpyGam3r (@ opygam3r) June 27, 2020


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