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Sony explains its position vis-à-vis the new generation exclusives

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Sony explains its position vis-à-vis the new generation exclusives – PCManias.com

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After Phil Spencer came to say that he will not have new generation exclusives for being against the principle of gaming (something that later came to say that after all it was a decision of the teams, contradicting themselves), Sony came to clarify its position and why be in favor of them.

Asked about her position vis-à-vis the new generation exclusives, Eric Lempel, one of Sony’s marketing managers, said:

A great pillar of our company is innovation: It is a pillar of Sony Corporation and also a pillar of Playstation. We are always pushing the limits of games forward – we want to excite players and deliver new experiences. In many cases, we cannot bring everyone with us from the previous generation of consoles because it requires new hardware and devices.

However, PS4 will not be abandoned, despite exclusive titles such as Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart for example, they are simply impossible to achieve in the current generation. And that only the characteristics of the PS5 controller separate the hardware when it comes to creating new experiences.

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