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The 25 Best Movie Posters of 2019

by ace
The 25 Best Movie Posters of 2019

The 20 Best Movie Posters of 2019

This year was not just a great year for movies, but a fantastic year for movie posters. That said, ComingSoon.net is taking a look at some of the best movie posters of 2019. Check out our picks in the gallery below!

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A good poster can sell a movie. However, movie posters are more than just an advertisement. Over the decades, they have become an art form in themselves – often becoming as iconic as the stories they exhibit. Think of the bold style of the Star Wars franchise, the youthful whim of The Hunters of the Lost Ark or Uma Thurman smoking cigarettes on the Pulp Fiction poster – images that have become associated with these properties thanks to a good poster.

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This year brought a plethora of cool posters that will be remembered / recognized in the coming years (by those who paid attention). Unfortunately, there is no Oscar category for best movie poster, so this article will have to be enough. In honor of the 2019 visual color schemes, clever concepts and stunning images created by hungry artists, the following gallery compiles 25 of the best posters of the year.

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