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The Athena Protocol Series in the Works From Village Roadshow

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The Athena Protocol Series in the Works From Village Roadshow

The Athena Protocol series in the works of Village Roadshow

According DeadlineVillage Roadshow Entertainment Group is in the process of developing a serial adaptation of the Athena Protocol, based on the author. Shamim SarifIt's a female spy thriller by the same name. The book was recently published last October and is being described as Bourne Identity meets Karen McManus.

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The Athena Protocol will follow the story of a young woman who is part of a secret international vigilante group of women, run privately by women. When she breaks protocol and murders one of her targets, she is expelled from the organization and dishonest to investigate a circle of sex trafficking.

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The official synopsis of the novel reads: “Jessie is a young, ambitious, hot-headed agent of Athena – a secret, socially conscious, feminine organization that recruits bright young women and trains them in weapon coding skills and fighting injustice. against women and children around the world. Athena's leaders, one of whom is Jessie's mother, have a strict policy that their agents never kill; therefore, when Jessie loses control of a job and compromises the agency's secrecy, she is expelled from the staff, with her own mother dismissing her without a second glance. But Jessie's job for Athena and her mission is her identity, and she won't stand while her ex-colleagues leave to overthrow a boss of human trafficking in Belgrade.

Desperate to prove herself, Jessie starts her own investigation – but being dishonest means there's no one to watch over her as she approaches the horrible truth behind Belgrade's operation. And despite everything, he's falling for a woman who is probably behind the evil she's trying to bring down. "

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Shamim Sarif is an award-winning British novelist and filmmaker known for writing the two drama novels The Invisible World and I Can't Think Straight, which were adapted for films, with Sarif acting as director. Both films explored race, gender and sexuality issues and also featured the same lead actresses Lisa Ray and Sheetal Sheth.

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