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The Maze Runner’s Wes Ball Attached to Helm New Planet of the Apes!

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The Maze Runner

Maze Runner's Wes Ball is in charge of the new Planet of the Apes!

After Disney's merger with 20th Century Fox and apparently the completion of the restarted Planet of the Apes series with the 2017 War, it is not clear what the future holds for the long-running science fiction franchise. Now it looks like the battle is back when Maze Runner leader Wes Ball has signed on to direct and develop a new movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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Based on Pierre Boulle's French novel, the story saw the emergence of clever monkeys emerging and dominating humans, with the film franchise beginning in 1968 with the success starring Charlton Heston who saw an astronaut landing on a planet where he finds himself. a simian civilization dominating primitive men and women, only to discover in the end that it is actually Earth after a nuclear war.

The original film was a big commercial and critical hit, spawning countless sequels and a TV series in the 1970s and spawned a 2001 dull remake of Tim Burton (Dumbo), followed by an acclaimed reboot trilogy starring Andy Serkis (Pantera). Black) as Moses as the leader Caesar. The trilogy ended with the Monkey Planet War of 2017, which Matt Reeves (Batman) and Serkis said they hoped to make more films in the franchise, but after the merger, it was in question.

Following Disney's acquisition of Fox, it was argued that a new movie would be developed for the same-universe franchise in Reeves's reboot trilogy, but it is currently unclear whether Ball's movie will follow these plans.

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Ball made his directorial debut with the 2014 film adaptation of the science fiction series The Maze Runner, starring Dylan O'Brien, which turned out to be a box office hit and was warmly welcomed by critics and audiences. and spawned two more sequences to adapt the rest of the series, although the follow-ups received mixed reviews and lower box office returns.

The 39-year-old director was ready to adapt Boom! The Mouse Guard comic series is a big box office hit for Fox, but given the high price tag, Disney has chosen to archive the project, much to Ball's chagrin, the reunited cast and eager fans of the movie.

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