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The Witcher Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

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The Witcher Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

The Witcher Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Paths are beginning to intersect and revelations are emerging in the fourth episode of The Witcher's adaptation of Netflix series, which sees Geralt de Rivia (Henry Cavill) approach a ball alongside Bard Jaskier as his bodyguard, while Cirilla (Freya Allan) meets a dangerous new ally and Yennefer (Anya Chalorta) decides to go her own way.

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The Beckoning Voice

After following an unknown path through the trance forest, Ciri walks from the snow-covered trees to Brokilon Forest, like an oasis where she is surrounded by tribal-looking people known as dryads. The rest of the tribe holds a meeting protesting against Ciri staying in the forest as there is a power within her that she doesn't even know can threaten everyone, but the leader says that they and she and Dara will drink the waters of the area and if they are with a broken heart they will die, otherwise they will forget their problems and remain.

The celebration of the wedding

The Witcher Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

After being swallowed by a selkiemore and cutting him off, Geralt returns to the tavern to receive his reward and finds Jaskier in a nearby tavern collecting details of the story and the bard hires the wizard to act as a bodyguard at a royal ball, like him. slept with many royal wives. As he dresses him and asks him to remain silent to avoid the spotlight, Jaskier is disconcerted that Geralt is immediately recognized and reunites with an old friend, the Mousesack wizard, with the ball taking place in Cintra. Queen Calanthe returns from a battle to reveal that the ball is a wedding party for gentlemen from other kingdoms vying for the hand of Princess Pavetta, although she does not want marriage, and invites Geralt to sit by her side during the festivities.

Burning Bridges Early

Several gentlemen vie for Pavetta's hand, including Nilfgaard's Lord Peregrine, whom the rest of the crowd treats as a joke, and Calanthe compares his nation to "shit," making him angry.

Bored of political nonsense

Yennefer is accompanying Queen Kalis and her baby daughter with a group of knights, expressing their desire to stop cleaning up the political mess after three decades. The convoy is attacked by an unknown insect-like creature being controlled by a wizard. She takes them to a deserted area, assuming the attacker is a killer who was sent by the king to kill Kalis, as he tired of her for not giving her a male heir. They are followed by the killer and his creature and continue to portal through various areas before reaching a mountain top area where Yennefer portals depart. As Kalis tries to negotiate her life by offering her baby as a sacrifice, she is killed by the killer carrier and Yennefer in time to save the creature's baby, but is struck by a killer's knife as she flees through another portal, emerging to find the dead baby. by knife and now choosing to make your own way away from the Brotherhood.

An unlikely suitor

Although he seems indifferent to the various gentlemen vying for her hand, a knight named Urcheon of Erlenwald makes his way down the hall to offer his hand in marriage, keeping his face covered as it is part of his code. King Eist takes off his helmet, revealing the face of a porcupine, which Urcheon says stems from a curse cast upon him as a boy and that when the twelfth bell rings he will be healed. He reveals that he saved Eist previously in battle and received the law of surprise as a reward, with which he will be awarded with something that Eist has not yet known. Upon returning from this battle, Eist discovered that Calanthe was pregnant with Pavetta, so Urcheon owes his hand to the marriage, and while Eist agrees with him and it is revealed that fate has already gathered the star-crossed lovers before the ceremony, Calanthe vehemently protests and orders Urcheon be killed. Geralt intervenes to prevent him from being killed and a battle begins between the two and the Cintran soldiers, as well as a total fight with all the others.

A new power arises

The Witcher Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Calanthe clings to the battle and approaches his daughter's love in a seemingly peaceful manner to accept his proposal, having given his sword to Eist. However, it is revealed that she is hiding a dagger around her waist and attempts to kill Urcheon, but before she can Pavetta reveals that she has powers and uses them to send everyone flying and pressed against the walls, with a whirlwind protecting her and her love. . Mousesack and Geralt use their combined magic to blow the whirlwind and temporarily disable Pavetta. Calanthe hugs her daughter, commenting on the fact that she received her grandmother's powers, which jumped over the queen, and reverses her decision, choosing not to mess with fate and allow the two to marry. During the wedding ceremony held right there in the damaged hall, Pavetta and Duny, as she calls him, kiss, turning him back into human form and breaking the curse. While initially refusing Duny's payment for his help, Geralt decides to ask for a Surprise Law as a reward and before he can protest a child again, Pavetta vomits, revealing that she is indeed pregnant and leaving her child. Geralt's destinies intertwined.

Brokilon's Mysteries

Cirilla is awakened from a nightmare vision of the horrors her people are suffering at Nilfgaard's hands upon finding Dara drinking in Brokilon's waters, which have helped him forget the terrible past in which Calanthe ordered the massacre of his people and wishes to remain with him. . the dryads. Ciri also chooses to drink from the water, but apparently has no effect on it. The leader of the Dryads leads her to a mystical tree in which she claims to be the root of the mighty water and Ciri drinks from her, which transports her to a magical place with a mystical tree beckoning to her.

The walls are closing

Back in Cintra, a group of Nilfgaardian wizards led by Fringilla find Calanthe's dead body and one of them cuts off a piece of skin from his arm and eats it, starting to convulse and causing one of the others to stab him to death. tear your internal organs. They then read her stomach, revealing that Ciri is hiding in Brokilon Forest and helping Cahir formulate a plan for how to finally capture her.


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