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The Witcher: showrunner explains timeline choices

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(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)

Attention! This text contains episode 1×01 SPOILERS of The Witcher.

The witcher it was one of Netflix's biggest December debuts and has already become one of the most watched series on the streaming service in 2019. But, despite much praise, the production was criticized by fans, who found the series' chronology confusing. During an interview with TheWrap, series showrunner Lauren Schmidt explained why she decided to break season one into three different timelines.

"Indeed, the biggest change we make in the source material is to make sure that Ciri and Yennefer are also well represented in this story," he added. "It was really important for me to establish 'The Last Wish', which was the first book I read and the book I really fell in love with, but Ciri is not yet alive during that book. So I didn't want to wait until 2nd or 2nd. Season 3 to introduce her. I wanted her to be part of Season 1. We decided to have these three different timelines so we could tell each of her stories in a really complete way. "

Showrunner also said that in order for the series to work, it was important that things were being explained gradually so that they could later gain more importance.

"Place names are unfamiliar, people's names look strange. Nothing is really familiar," Schmidt said. "The most important thing for me in episode 1 is that you understand what a wizard is. In episode 2 and Episode 3, you say, “Oh my God, I totally understand what these things are now.” I think the journey is definitely part of this experience. ”

(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)

Schmidt says he was concerned with putting small details in the first episodes, which gave clues to the chronology, but it is the fourth episode that should make the audience understand that there is more than one timeline.

"For me, it's really evident in episode 4," she continued. “This is where I think all audiences will go,‘ Oh my God. OK, now this is making a little more sense, 'where Queen Calanthe – whom we see dying in episode 1 – reappears younger in episode 4. There are some hints in the first episode that some interesting things happen over time, but, Unless you are paying close attention or know what you are looking for, they can easily get past you. ”

For series protagonist Henry Cavill, the series working with three timelines was important, so that the audience could know from the beginning, the original stories of Ciri and Yennefer.

"The first book is a collection of Geralt's short stories, which were originally written as separate tales, and were put together and there is a narrative sequence between the stories that goes all the way and you really know Yennefer at the end of this book," Cavill said. . “But in this case, Lauren (Schmidt) did an amazing job and Anya did an extraordinary job of bringing Yennefer to life before meeting her in the books.”

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