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Trump confirms he ordered hacker attack on Russians in 2018

by ace

U.S. President Donald Trump confirmed for the first time that the country had a cyber attack in 2018 against an organization located in Russia that was trying to interfere in the U.S. elections. The information came from the politician himself in an interview with The Washington Post.

The cyber attack was only taken as a guess since February 2019, when the newspaper itself made the original complaint. The target was the Internet Research Agency (IRA), a “troll farm” that aimed to fill social networks with memes, misinformation and sponsored posts of a political nature to try to strengthen the image of certain candidates and harm others during the elections. term of office, which involve positions for Congress.

In the interview, Trump indicated that it was “correct” to say that he himself ordered the attack, which aimed to stop the activities of the robots and cut the equipment connection. At the time of the original report, a spokesman for the National Security Agency just commented that “the government does not discuss cyberspace planning and operations”.

Long date

That same Russian agency would have been responsible for interference in the 2016 elections, which elected the now US president for the Republican Party. The first complaints started as early as December of that year and involved networks like Facebook and Reddit.

However, for Trump, the blame for the efficiency of Russian bots lies with his predecessor, Barack Obama.

“He knew before the elections that Russia was playing around. Or he was warned about it. Anyway, who knows? And he didn’t say anything. And the reason for not saying anything is that he didn’t want to touch it, because he thought that she was winning after seeing the fake polls. So he thought she would win. And we had the silent majority who said ‘no, we like Trump’ “, says the politician, citing the defeat of candidate Hillary Clinton.


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