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UFO: Pentagon Reveals 2004 Top Secret Video

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UFO: Pentagon Reveals 2004 Top Secret Video

The Pentagon confirmed last Friday that the US Department of Defense keeps top-secret documents regarding the sighting of an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) registered in 2004 by the Navy.

The revelation came after researcher Christian Lambright used the Freedom Information Act to question the government about undisclosed information from the USS Nimitz incident on November 14, 2004, off the coast. from San Diego when fighters departing from the aircraft carrier chased foreign objects.

In response to the request, the Navy not only confirmed the veracity of the leaked video in 2017 (see below), which shows the UFO persecution, but also revealed the existence of classified documents, classified in this way for holding relevant information to ensure national security. .

The agency also commented that the decision to classify documents in this way would not have come from the Navy and that the stored recording is exactly the same leaked three years ago – yet there are instructions to prevent the original video from being released.


While the government says the video kept confidential has no difference from that leaked, former Pentagon official Luiz Elizondo, responsible for releasing the video of the 2017 persecution, recommends not trusting the agency because of its history of contradictions.

Similar thinking is Navy officer Gary Voorhis, who was on the USS Nimitiz fleet at the time of the UFO sighting. According to him, there is a video with duration between 8 and 10 minutes and better resolution. Commander David Fravor, who witnesses the incident with the alleged flying saucers, says the opposite.

To Vice, Elizondo said the public should not be surprised if new official videos of the case appear without revealing further details due to his non-disclosure agreement signed while working at the Pentagon (he is no longer there today).

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