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Venus will be brighter this dawn of July 10

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Those who enjoy watching the stars, will be able to enjoy this early morning of Friday, July 10. This is because Venus will be at its peak of brightness when viewed from our planet.

Just over a month ago, Venus was almost exactly aligned between the Sun and the Earth. Now, he has turned and is behind the Earth, being illuminated by the sun and, at the same time, not being overshadowed by him.

Venus at its peak

On this dawn of July 10, Venus will appear in the sky, in total darkness, and with its brightness at its maximum level (magnitude – 4.7). Magnitude is the measure of brightness, and the more negative the number, the higher the intensity. The planet will remain like this for a few days during this month, but this particular morning will be the height of its luminosity.

“Crescent” Venus is how the planet will appear in its brightest stage when viewed from Earth. (Source: Space / Starry Night) Source: Space / Starry Night

If you do not want to miss the opportunity, pay attention to the sky at 5:00 am (Brasília time), that is, just over an hour before sunrise. This is when Venus will be most bright in our heaven. However, if you want to better observe the contour of the planet, wait until 15 to 30 minutes before sunrise, because, at that moment, its brightness loses intensity and its shape becomes a little clearer.

Crescent Venus shines brighter than full Venus

Generally, the stars shine more in our sky when their surface is completely illuminated by the Sun (the full moon and Mercury are examples). This, however, is not the case with Venus, which reaches its peak of luminosity when it appears in its growing phase.

The explanation for this phenomenon is simple: when Venus is completely illuminated by the Sun (in its full phase), it is an interval of its orbit that is so far from Earth, that the planet seems much smaller to us.


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