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Windows 10 updates have given problem. Microsoft’s solution is … to prevent …

by ace

Given that users postpone Windows 10 updates to escape the problems created by them, thus hoping for stable versions, Microsoft has acted in the least possible way for a company that acts in the interests of its customers… It prevented the postponement of updates

There are things that are incomprehensible. With each new update of Windows 10, this has been plagued with bug plagues of the most diverse. From crashes and instability, to problems with peripherals, problems with drivers, graphics problems, incompatibilities, in short… a myriad of problems for all tastes and shapes.

And unfortunately, this happens not only too often, but it has happened with almost all the latest Windows updates … and they have been many.

Naturally, this situation affects many people, including individuals, but also companies. And to avoid being affected by these bugs, what has happened is that many have chosen to postpone the updates, waiting for a version that is finally free of problems.

In that sense, Windows 10 had the possibility to prevent the installation of updates for a period that could go up to, at most, 1 year.

But now, Microsoft, with the May 2020 update, decided to change that, removing this period and giving a new one of only 35 days, something that previously only existed in the Windows Home version, but which now extends to the Pro versions, Enterprise and Education, which means that companies and individuals are more exposed to all these problems that have been happening with updates.

Microsoft reveals in its documentation that this situation will become permanent in the future. The idea, according to them, is that the machines are not out of date. But the idea of ​​those who postponed it was to have them functional and without problems. Something that for Microsoft is apparently less important!

However, some have already discovered that in reality the option to postpone updates has only been removed from the user interface, and that with a change in Windows policies, it is possible to bring it back. But what is certain is that this option is not directly accessible and as such, for most system administrators, who as a rule are not researching all possible and imaginary Windows options, for them the option will be seen as absent.

Good move Microsoft … definitely something everyone is applauding.


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